Three Ways To Optimize Your Next Vacation

Three Ways To Optimize Your Next Vacation

These days, more and more people have the opportunity to plan and take a vacation. If you've recently decided to do so, it's important to note that there are several strategies you can implement in order to get the most out of your vacation. Here are three:  1. Use Travel Services.  Using travel services is a wonderful way to expedite and optimize your next vacation. Travel businesses like Hipmunk specialize in providing people hotel and flight information as well as data regarding deals they can get on the packages they purchase. … [Read more...]

Make Your Voice Count and Earn with Survey Spot

Make Your Voice Count and Earn with Survey Spot

As a stay at home mom, I want as much as possible to help augment the family's finances by contributing even as little income as I can thru blogging. Stashing a little money away from my husband's paycheck is great, but it takes away from our monthly essentials like groceries, gas, and utilities.As a matter of fact, I am actually looking for better ways to earn another side income to support the different ministries my husband and I have.  As of now, I've been searching the web for better ideas on how to earn extra money … [Read more...]

How To Rotate Video With Movavi Video Editor


Often you must have faced the problem of having recorded a video on your camera or a phone by holding it in a wrong direction. So when you watch it later it often turns out to be playing vertical instead of how you expect it to be and are unable to watch it properly. You can rotate the video clip or just the bit that has been recorded in a wrong way to enjoy watching it properly. The video editor by Movavi which can be found on link lets you rotate the video files in any format whether AVI, WMV, MP4, MOV, HD, … [Read more...]

What to Do When Your Account is Breached #BreachWatch #sponsored

LifeLock #BreachWatch

*This is a sponsored post in behalf of LifeLock, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.    I know all of us wanted our privacy, much more the safety of personal information especially those that pertain to finances. As much as we want to protect ourselves physically, we also have a great concern with our identity. Our family had been a victim of identity theft and I must say that things have not been the same before we experienced it (or if it will, it will take time). The difference is that, we had been more cautious of giving out information … [Read more...]

Enjoy Summer Vacation , Live Life Free with LifeLock #LifeLocksafety

LifeLock Safety

* This is a sponsored post written by me in behalf of LifeLock. Regardless. all thoughts expressed are my own.  Summer is my favorite season of all. Aside from the fact that we get to wear comfortable clothes and play under the sun, it is the time of the year when our family travel a lot and hold more activities outside our home. It is inevitable that during these trips and travels that we tend to expose ourselves more with sharing of our information like when we purchase plane tickets, theme park passes, buy souvenir items, etc. thus the threat of identity theft … [Read more...]

Choosing the Right Toolbox as a Gift

tool boxes

Whether you are buying a toolbox as a gift for someone just getting started or someone who has been using tools their whole life, there are some guidelines you can follow. Understanding how the box will be used and the type of tools it will hold are important in choosing the right gift other factors are equally important, too.   Portable or Stationary Many tool chests are very large with upper and lower sections. When filled with tools, they are quite heavy. If the place where the tools are most frequently used is a work shop and there is … [Read more...]