Mar 19 2014

Enter : Bare Air-Free Baby Bottles Giveaway



Air-Free Baby Bottles are essential for babies with colic or gas issues. These bottles resemble the breast and allow baby to transition between the two easily. They also allow air to be pushed out prior to feeding. You can read the full review here.

I remember my experience that even if I am a breastfeeding mom, my daughter would always have colic problems that causes discomfort for both of us.

Bitty Labs is sponsoring a giveaway of two of their 8 ounce bottles for one lucky winner!

Tales From A Southern Mom along with Life of A Southern Mom are hosting this great giveaway!

Good Luck!

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  1. Holly

    its a perfect design

  2. rosa rogers

    i think the design is pretty i love the color.

  3. Marcia Lee

    I have never seen anything like the Bare Air-fire bottles. What a remarkable new design. I like the baby bottle and will tell my son and daughter-in- law to look at the Bitty Labs/Bare Air-Free web site.

  4. abedabun dawn

    What do you think of the bottle design?  I love it!  It reduces air and colic… that may not seem so important to some, but if your child ever had colic you know just how important that is.

  5. debra dubois

    These bottles are really really nice i love the design my daughter-in-law would really love to own nice bottles like these. My grandson is 3 months old and his bottle are pretty junkie if you ask me they are the leakest bottles ever. Thanks for the chance :)

  6. Julie Lee

    It's new to me but love that it will help a baby with gas and colic.  It can be so frustrating sometimes with a fussy newborn.

  7. Heather Poindexter

    I think the design is great!

  8. Jenn

    The design is awesome!

  9. Andrea Moffitt

    The design of the nipple is very boob-like, as it should be. And I love the color! Very neutral, but snazzy.

  10. Floralee

    I think it is modern. People will be asking where I got it so they can get one too.
    Floralee recently posted..Enter : Brittanie’s Thyme Organics GiveawayMy Profile

  11. terra j sweeps

    I like the way it is designed to reduce gas.  very nice.

  12. Dana

    i love how it help with colic


  13. Maegan W.

    I think the design is awesome! They are alot like the breast which is cool. I haven't been able to try these and would love too because my lo hates bottles and I'll need him to take one when I start working. 

  14. Becca Wilson

    I love that the flow will help with gas!

  15. Gale McCarron

    Wonderful design to help aide with colic. Love!

  16. James

    They look amazing!

  17. Lesley M

    I love it, and I am sure my week old baby girl would love it as well!

  18. samantha von

    I have never seen a bottle like this I think it is a great design. I am suprised this isn’t how all bottles are made!

  19. Katherine Moter

    I love the design and it is perfect for those of us who need to switch from breast to bottle often.

  20. yuri

    I have a 2 month old baby n bottles really come in handy. N what better than to have a bottle that helps with the air. N 8oz bottle will be used till sbe stops taking a bottle.

  21. christine jessamine

    this would help alot with colic. I like the design

  22. christy

    I love the innovative design and the way it mimcs a breast

  23. Robin Abrams

    I love the design. 

  24. melanie m

    I am very interested in this bottle, to see how well baby can transition from bottle to breast, since I will be doing both. 

  25. Kymn Ligi

    Wow I'm very impressed with this design! Have yet to see one like it, it resembles the breast so much and I'm always looking for that, and the no-air design; I would love to try these out! Whether I win or not I'm defiantly gonna invest in testing these!

  26. Menucha

    it's unique, modern and beautiful

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  27. Marcia Lee

    I went to Tales of a Southern Mom and found a review of Sjaak Organic Fair Trade Chocolate. I am a  dark chocolate fan. It wasnt' until recently taht I statred caring what was in the products I eat.So I am really thankful for the review. It introduced me to a company that lives to make excellent chocolate made from excellent ingredients. 

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