Apr 29 2013

Enter : $200 Paypal Cash Giveaway

Welcome to the $200 PayPal Cash Giveaway, Sponsored by BestMark!

$200 PayPal Cash, Sponsored by BestMark - Button

Mystery shopping is a great way to not only save a little money, but earn
some as well! Eat dinner or lunch out? Need to take the car in for an oil
change? These are just a few of the examples of “shops” that you could
perform as a BestMark mystery shopper. Simply apply for and complete the
shops you’re interested in. Every shop has a predetermined reimbursement
and many offer a cash payment on top of your reimbursement.

About Our Sponsor, BestMark

Ever heard of mystery shopping? BestMark Mystery Shopping is one of the
pioneers of the industry, so you may have come across this name a time or
two. In fact, they are one of the largest mystery shopping companies in
the U.S. and Canada.

Want to Learn More about BestMark?

Be sure to check out the BestMark
to learn more about the opportunities, how mystery shopping
works or to apply. Keep up with the hottest new contests they’re running
for their mystery shoppers and more on the BestMark
. You can also follow them on Facebook, tweet to them when you’re on
Twitter and link up with them on LinkedIn.

Ready for the Giveaway?

Two lucky readers are going to take home $100 PayPal cash each! Want a
chance at it? Make sure you get your entries in!

This giveaway is sponsored by BestMark and hosted by Moms Living
. It will run from 4/29 – 5/12 at 11:59 pm EST.

Please note: Entries will be validated prior to a winner being chosen, so
please do ensure that any entries you claim are completed correctly in
order to be considered valid.

Good luck!

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  1. c5

    I have not tried to be a mystery shopper yet.
    c5 recently posted..CeramicsMy Profile

  2. ValeviL

    I’m a mystery shopper and I love this! :D
    ValeviL recently posted..Gel Eyeliner: Essence vs ElfMy Profile

  3. Andrea H

    A restaurant mystery shopper would be so fun – I love to try new food & new restaurants! Also, I was a server for 10 years, so I’m always looking at that too! ;)

  4. Marla Stanley

    getting paid to shop essentially!
    Marla Stanley recently posted..We’ve been busy…My Profile

  5. Maegan Morin

    I think that my favorite part about being a mystery shopper would be getting paid do so something I really love lol.

  6. Bridget Palkow

    I have not had the chance to be a mystery shopper

  7. Heather Poindexter

    I already do this and I love the new things I get to try!

  8. michelle koerner

    getting paid ro shop!!!

  9. megan blumenthal

    getting paid to shop and meeting new people

  10. misty farmer

    I think I would have a blast be a mystery shopper! How exiting!

  11. Ashleigh Swerdfeger

    I am not sure. But it would be fun to try different items.

  12. Brianne Armstrong

    I do this for vehicle repairs/oil changes right now – would love to shop! I would love being a part of improving the customer service process!

  13. Kelly Britton

    Getting paid to go out and try new things and meet new people. Unemployed and every little bit would help!

  14. Elizabeth Garcia

    I have not had the chance to be a mystery shopper

  15. Tianna

    My favorite part about being a mystery shopper would be getting paid to shop, I love shopping!

  16. Christie H.

    I’ve never been a mystery shopper but it sounds like fun! I like browsing through stores and I have no problem sharing my opinion with others LOL

  17. shannon

    I like being a mystery shopper because it gives you insight as to how a shopping experience is supposed to go and how you’re supposed to be treated.

  18. Juli B.

    I’d also love to be a mystery shopper for restaurants….Would love to be able to shop for someone else with

  19. danaconrad

    I’ve never been a mystery shopper, but being paid to shop sounds fun.

  20. Lori A.

    Being paid to try things and give your opinion

  21. brandy

    Love to shop this would be fun

  22. casance Kendrick

    I have never been a Mystery shopper before

  23. chelle

    never been a mystery shopper but shopping period sounds fun… lol

  24. nicole w

    Well, getting paid to shop sounds pretty perfect to me!

  25. Connie Ward

    Getting paid to shop… how fun!

  26. laura

    being able to try out products I would probably not otherwise buy

  27. Cindy Merrill

    It would be rather interesting to compare shop, I often cannot afford to, due to budget restraints, but if I was a mystery shopper, this would not be an issue, since I’d be reimbursed.

  28. Jennifer

    Sound great! Love to shop

  29. Nicole B

    Getting paid to shop!

  30. Megan Parsons

    Getting paid for shopping!!! I love to shop!

  31. Sarah

    My favorite thing about being a mystery shopper would be getting paid to shop, absolutely!

  32. KJ

    Getting paid to shop would be awesome!

  33. Kayleen Considine

    I love doing mysterious things!!

  34. Sara K.

    I would like to review restaurants and service after eating there.

  35. Nikki Maxwell

    I love participating in public market research and feeling like I can be part of the process. Being a Mystery Shopper always sounded fun.

  36. April Bever

    getting paid to shop would be fun

  37. denise

    My clandestine ways

  38. Joy F

    The clothes or items I get to keep.

  39. Jean F

    I have mystery shopped off and on for years. It can be a fascinating experience.

  40. Brittney House

    Getting paid to shop? What’s not to like about it lol

  41. angie

    Getting paid to shop

  42. Geoff K

    It would be fun to get an insider look at the quality of the products and service at so many different shops and restaurants!

  43. Chelsea M

    I love that the people I encounter don’t know that I’m going to be reviewing the service that they give me

  44. Kelly Greenwood

    I think it would be cool to be someone that observes a business and secretly gives their opinion. That would be a lot of fun to be a part of I think.

  45. Donna Kellogg

    My Charmed Mom

  46. Tom

    I like to go Shopping

  47. kim h

    I have been a mystery shopper and its fun to see things in a different perspective…plus you get to do what you normally do for free

  48. Melissa Caldwell

    I”m not a mystery shopper but I’m sure it’s awesome, not only to get free stuff and to get paid to shop, but also to help improve quality of service of businesses!
    Melissa Caldwell recently posted..Blog Tour: Back Before DarkMy Profile

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