In Ceana's Eyes

I want to share some snapshots which were taken by my 28-month old daughter. From  the pictures we will be able to see the world in the way our children sees it. Our children grow up so fast, before we know it we're already clearing off their things and sending them off to college, and the next thing, we're already selling their used college books and visiting them in their own apartments. The photos below were taken at Target during one of our shopping trips. The following were taken at some shops we visited. This is her feet while on her strollers. Of all … [Read more...]

How Time Flies


As a parent everyday is a milestone, our children are continuously developing and discovering new things. When I started my journey through motherhood, I promised myself that I will document all the important life events of my child. With the technology we have now, everything is possible and attainable with the help of state of the art gadgets. And so from the moment that my daughter is clearly visible in her sonogram I have went to a few sessions just to get more images of her inside my womb. I have kept all of these in a clear file so that when she gets … [Read more...]

My Morning Sickness Story Plus A $100 Giveaway

Having a child is what my husband and I prayed and wished for. I guess most married couples feel the same way. Would you believe that I already had a hunch that I was pregnant maybe after 24 hours my daughter was conceived? I don't know but my body just told me that "something" is happening. I started getting clumsy and dropped things which didn't happen before. I also started experiencing short but light fainting spells which later on became nauseous and then eventually developed into morning sickness. Oh boy! I think this is the most gruelling part … [Read more...]

Our Snow Trip 2013

The first time I came to San Jose was in August of 2012. It was summer then, with warm sunny days pretty much called the dry season. San Jose's latitude and location on the west coast of North America place the city in a Mediterranean type climate which is mainly identified by sharply contrasting wet and dry seasons. The wet season runs from November through March when 82% of the yearly precipitation total falls within this period. Wet seasons are cool, but mild.  And I can identify it as cool and chilly days this was the weather when I came back in December with my … [Read more...]

Lasting Memories

I was ecstatic when my friend and former colleague, Mae squealed to me that she will be tying the knot in December. She is like my younger sister that's why it was also a mixture of emotions when we exchanged ideas about her wedding plans. Weddings are actually a combustion of different emotions which are usually extreme in nature. During our whole chit-chat I can't help but reminisce my own church wedding which took place almost 4 years ago... Believe it or not, I was the one who prepared EVERYTHING for my wedding. As we are on tight budget, I really … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday : One and A Half

Here's another milestone for a proud mom like daughter turned one and a half year old on July 6th.. .   You might want to link up every week and so I made a button, feel free to grab and put on your sidebar to spread the news to other bloggers.    <div align="center"><a href="" title="My Charmed Mom" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="My Charmed … [Read more...]