For Another Year, Another Blessing


Today is the 20th of September, a day to celebrate the life of the most important man in my life (aside from my Dad). Mark, my husband is celebrating his 3_th birthday. More than enough, I am so thankful to God for bringing him into the world (or else I would be a lonely spinster!). After we met, I already knew it was him, that I will spend forever with.  My man is not the conventional type, the beauty in our relationship relies on how different we are. At times we argue on the simplest things but the … [Read more...]

5 Tips For Traveling With Family


Moms and dads traveling with children have to wear many hats as they occupy the role of travel agent, babysitter, bodyguard, and entertainer all in one. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to the in-laws for Thanksgiving dinner or traveling the world on the vacation of a lifetime — you’re bound to hit speed bumps that’ll test your patience and emotional fortitude along the way. Here are some tips to help you get through. Plan For All Tastes Image via Flickr by GraceFamily Children are picky; … [Read more...]

Ride the Ducks San Francisco : Fun, Informative and Quack-tastic


* I was provided complimentary passes to Ride the Ducks San Francisco so that I can share my experience with my readers, however all thoughts are my own.    I've been looking forward to this Ride the Ducks experience, when we were finally able to set the date last month, I was more than excited to finally try it. For a brief background, Ride the Ducks was actually started in 1977 by a local entrepreneur Bob McDowell from  Branson, Missouri. This idea came out after he has acquired a small site seeing business in the hopes … [Read more...]

Thinking Ahead and Planning a Winter Vacation for the Family

Thinking Ahead and Planning a Winter Vacation for the Family

*This is a guest post.  The pressure of the school year is upon families now.  Since summer vacation ended, the daily chaotic family routine returned and so does the stress involved. Instead of dwelling on whether or not the kids are doing homework at this moment, find a little time to look ahead at the future. As a mother, it’s essential to find time for yourself and family to get away from the daily pressures, stress, and schedule throughout the year to relax and recuperate. Most families don’t go on winter vacations, but maybe it’s time you start considering … [Read more...]

Looking Ahead, Moving Forward

2013-06-26 19.06.32

It has been more than a month since we moved into our new home. For the regular readers of MCM, you will remember that I have been talking about finding a new (mobile) home for the past months and just last month we finally moved into our new abode. I can really say now, MOVING IS NOT EASY! The hard part of it is packing all your things, unloading them, then finding a place to put everything and the last part is fixing and putting EVERYTHING in order. Since I am stay at home, I did all of it. It just so happen that our move came in at the time during the peak season … [Read more...]

How to Check Your Hotel Rooms for Bed Bugs


After what seemed like a never-ending winter for some parts of the country, more than three-quarters of Americans are planning to take a summer vacation. Now that summer is approaching, I know that most of us are planning our long-awaited getaways. Some people are really looking forward for this time of the year to take a break from work and spend time with the whole family. According to a recent Orbitz survey, 77% of Americans are taking a vacation this season, with nearly half traveling with the entire family and 33% traveling with a significant other. It was found … [Read more...]

Do you need air conditioner at home?


So this is the question : Do you need air conditioner at home? Here in San Jose, the weather has been hot for the past days averaging around 77 degrees and still getting hotter. I was able to tell the difference because I sweat now with just a little movement, and also my daughter who has grown thicker hair always look like she just came from work out, drenched with sweat. Most homes in warm climates usually install air conditioning units. For some, air conditioning may be a luxury, but for many, it is a necessity most especially if you have allergies or low … [Read more...]