Review : Campus Tote by Maggie Bags

Bags are a woman's everyday staple. From my point of view, a bag defines the kind of lifestyle and way of living one has. Like for me, when I became a mom, I cannot go without having a bigger bag that will carry all of my and my daughter's things.  Having said that, I now go more for totes and big hobo bag types. I was provided a free Campus Tote by Maggie Bags to facilitate review and share my honest opinion to my readers.  More than the functionality and design of a Maggie bag, what I am more impressed is the material each bag is made up of. Guess what it is? If … [Read more...]

Review : Posy Lane Personalized Tote Bags

I was given a free Personalized Tote Bag by Posy Lane to facilitate this review.  I have always loved totes, that is because I always carry a lot of things in my bag whenever I go out. I always make sure that I have everything handy whenever I need them, For my bag preference I always choose the bigger ones most especially when I had my baby. Most moms will agree with me when I say that when I became a mom, I have replaced my personal stuff with baby stuff in terms of the contents of my bag. The bag slowly transformed and now became a diaper  bag. One fact about me, … [Read more...]

Review : Anyway Up 360° Junior Beaker

I was given the chance to review the Anyway Up 360 Junior Beaker so I could share my honest opinions about the product. When is the best time to introduce sippy cup/glass to your child? According to some reads, it is advisable to give a sippy cup as early as 6 months. The baby may not get the hang of it right away but will have enough time to get used to it before switching away from bottles completely. My 26-month old daughter is still using bottles for night feeding. (Remember that I breastfed her for 19 months and those times, she did not drink from bottles, … [Read more...]

Bubele's Patch Buddies #USFG


Patch Buddies are an adorable combination of a Plush Toy and a custom Backpack that has a built-in carrying case. There are ten playful animals and four unique characters in the Bubele's Patch Buddy collection and each has a unique personality that will provide endless hours of entertainment and comfort, at home or on the go. Safety is important to us and to your children. So we manufacture and produce our products with the highest quality materials, dedication to safety and especially designed to protect your little ones.  To see the lovely and playful … [Read more...]

Be Inspired, Keep California Beautiful and Recycle!


I guess I became more conscious of the status of the environment when I became a mom. That is because I started thinking what can be the there for my daughter when she grows up. From then on, I made a conscious effort in any way I can to do something I can to help the environment. The effort became more pronounced when we move here in San Jose. It is a good thing though we were provided with separate trash containers so that we were able to practice segregation. In our home, there's a designated plastic crate dedicated for plastic and cans. When we are somewhere … [Read more...]

Five Ways to Nourish and Renew Your Spirit

*This is a guest post.  It’s 1976, and my mom and dad are sitting quietly with their eyes closed, hands resting upward — thumb and index finger touching — while my younger siblings crawl on their backs and shoulders. My older two brothers and I sit nearby, holding our own meditation poses, bored, rolling our eyes and counting the minutes until this ritual will end. At least once a week or whenever things got stressful, my parents would pull all five of their children — ranging in age from ten to one — into our library for a family … [Read more...]

Enter : Win Canon A810 Powershot Camera (16MP)

Time is like sand, it slips into our hands without ever noticing it. The best way to capture each memory is through a photo. We are lucky that in this age and time, we have all the access to technology which makes preserving memories easier and faster. What could be a better gadget to have than a camera which can capture life's precious moments. My Charmed Mom readers, here's another surprise for all of you so that you can capture your Easter memories by winning this camera giveaway! The new Canon PowerShot A810 digital camera delivers beautiful images and … [Read more...]