Mar 01 2014

Enter : Lugz Tambora Spark Boots Giveaway

  Hosted By:  The Binder Ladies

 It's urban style and "built for the streets" quality has given Lugz it's signature reputation in the tough apparel market.  Since 1993, Lugz has been creating, designing, producing and marketing clothing and shoes for men, women and children that live up to the high standards of their customers.  If you haven't heard of Lugz, you may have seen their products endorsed by several big-name celebrities like MMA fighters, rappers and TV Stars! Whether you need a sturdy pair of work boots, or want something more casual for everyday wear, Lugz is constantly the trend setter in any genre.

Jen from The Binder Ladies was able to review these amazing Tambora Spark Boots, and you can read the full review HERE!  Now it's your chance to win a pair of these comfy, stylish boots!

One winner will score a pair of Tambora Spark Women's Boots!
 Enter the Giveaway Tool below for your chance to win! Giveaway ends on 3/10 @ 8am PST.  The more options you complete, the more chance you have of winning!
This is available to U.S. residents and Canadian residents, 18 years and older.
*The participating bloggers were not compensated for this post, nor are they responsible for prize shipment.  Winner will have 24 hours to respond after being contacted via email.   If you have any questions, please contact thebinderladies@gmail.com



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  1. Susan Chester

    I like soaking in a hot tub to warm up.

  2. cassandra berholtz

    A nice glass of wine while enjoying a nice, hot bubble bath!

  3. Wendi Maroon

    One word – layers!

  4. april

    To warm up on a cold day I put on my favorite cozy sweatshirt, snuggle up under the blankets with the kids, and make a pot of hot coffee.

  5. kate daly

    boots look so warm

  6. Dawn Ganey

    We layer our clothing, wears hats, extra socks to stay warm in winter.

  7. sharlene

    i usually clean house

  8. lissa crane

    I bring my thermos of hot coffee or tea with me whenever I'm outside to help battle against the cold!  and we've had plenty of it this year!

  9. Amy

    Sit in front of the heater with a blanket!

  10. Nicole Clawson

    I make a big pot of beef stew t stay warm on cold days

  11. Cori Westphal

    There are a lot of long, cold days here in MN!  I spend a lot of time roasting my tootsies in front of our fireplace to get the chill out!


    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  12. Jennifer Rote

    I try to stay under my blanket with lots of hot coffee.

  13. gahome2mom

    What do I like to do to warm up? Workingout with an exercise video is a good one! I like to sit on the couch and wrap up in my Slanket while watching old classic movies or Hallmark movies too. :)

  14. Teresa Abbott

    I make a big pot of chili.

  15. Jo Morgan

    Layers,layers and more layers




  17. beth

    i just sit arond in a bunch of blankets

  18. Sara rai

    Hot tub

  19. Billie Gress

    I warm up with a crochet'ed blanket that my mom made for me :)

  20. Mary Mudd

    I usually wear layers. I get my winter boots a half size bigger so i can wear two pairs of socks with them. I hate to be cold!! These boots look warm, too!

  21. Lisa Weidknecht

    Thick socks and lots of coffee.

  22. Sharlene

    I like to stay warm by wearing 1 of my many pairs of fuzzy socks!

  23. tracey barfield

    I stay inside as much as possible wrapped in a blanket with a hot cup of coffee


  24. tj

    practically sit on my space heater.

  25. chickie brewer

      To warm up I like fluffy socks and a conforter.

  26. lori H

    mulled wine  and  hang out by the wood stove

  27. Heather Poindexter

    lol, well the power went out here and it was cold! I actually coverd up with quilts!

  28. Laura Smith

    I stay home and turn the heating pad on.

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