Jan 15 2014

Nature’s Sleep Closed Toe Memory Foam Slippers Giveaway #mamasnewlook

We just rang in 2014 and with a New Year comes the chance to develop a new YOU! Welcome to the [2nd Annual] Mama's Got a New Look Giveaway Hop Event.

The Blogging Mamas Network, along with co-hosts Mama's Baby Cupcakes, So Easy Being Green, and Viva Veltoro want to give the special, deserving Mamas a chance at a New Look for the New Year!

This Event will run from January 15-29 and each blogger in the hop has a great prize, worth at least $25, to help you achieve that new look!



For my giveaway, Mamas also need a soothing and comfortable slippers at home in order to feel rejuvenated and achieve that new look for the New Year!…

That is why My Charmed Mom will be giving away a pair of Nature’s Sleep Closed Toe Memory Foam Slippers ($30 Value) to one lucky reader!  See full review in this post. 

natures sleep closed toe giveaway

Giveaway is open to all ages 18+ and residents of Continental US only. Please use the form below for your entries. 



This wonderful Grand Prize has two packages up for grabs. The first prize pack, Fashion Mama, features a whole Gel Nail Kit from Couture Gel Nail Polish, a $100 Gift Code to the online jewelry retailer The Vintage Pearl, and a crocheted Infinity Scarf in winner's choice of color from Treasured by Holly.

Our second prize pack, New Mama, features a breastfeeding camisole from Undercover Mama, a Chewbeads "Jane" necklace in winner's choice of color, winner's choice of fabric for a diapers/wipes carrying case from The Diaper Clutch, Bamboobies set of Multi Pack Pads, and winner's choice of item shown from Loving Moments by Leading Lady and their Maternity to Nursing line.



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  1. andie

    Vitex Memory Foam Pillow – looks and sounds luxurious.

  2. andie

    For this year – I want to smile more and frown less.

  3. Sarah Elyce

    I would love two of the pet beds for my fur babies.

  4. Sarah Elyce

    My great plan for 2014 is to become employed at a job that utilizes my degree. 

  5. Terra Agueda

    My plans are to be a grandma!!

  6. Rowena Hubble

    i do love wearing slippers comphy.

  7. Barb H

    I would love to have the 2.5" HD Visco Memory Foam Topper!

  8. Anne Perry

    The vitex menory foam pillow would be nice.

  9. Diane Cooper

    I would most like to have  the Vitex Memory Foam Pillows.

  10. Diane Cooper

    My plane for 2014 are to be an all around better wife, mother, grandmother by getting as healthy as I possibly can!

  11. polly

    I would love their pet bed for our Golden Retriever

  12. polly

    My plans are to enjoy every mintue I can with our 2 wonderful grandsons!

  13. Melissa S

    Besdides the slippers offered in the giveaway, I would love to have the Avon medium queen sized mattress.

  14. Melissa S

    I plan to get and stay organized this year.

  15. Misty Billman

    The ultimate foundation ! Looks so comfy 

  16. Misty Billman

    Going to give birth to my second daughter the first week of February. Gonna be a fun year! 

  17. Darlene Jones-Nelson

    I would love to have the Vitex Memory Contour Pillow.

  18. Darlene Jones-Nelson

    My 2014 plan is to look better and to loose weight.

  19. Georgia Beckman

    I would love to try the gel foam memory pillow!

  20. Georgia Beckman

    1.  Lose 1 lb per week. (and I'm ahead of schedule!  woot!)

    2.  Learn to knit so I can make my husband a fabulous sweater

    3.  Learn graph crochet

    4.  Learn ballroom dance so I can waltz on the beach with my husband for our 25th wedding anniversary this year.

    5.  Meet a FB friend in person

  21. Rebecca Parsons

    I al so like the 2.5" 5lbs Biopolymer Visco Memory Foam Topper

  22. Rebecca Parsons

    My great plans for 2014 is to go home more often to spend time with my family

  23. Trisha Carlson

    I love the St. Cloud LUXE Mattress and my plans for the new year is trying to find a new job.

  24. md Kennedy

    My plns for 2014 include publishing a cookbook and starting a blog.

  25. md Kennedy

    I'd love a Memory Foam Pet Bed for my cat!

  26. kortney Picker

    I like the sapphire gel matress-medium the best, I would love to own one of these mattresses they look so comfortable!

  27. Pauline Milner

    I am looking forward to our family reunion to be held in July, 2014.  Thank you for the super giveaway opportunity.  Keep up the terrific blogging.

  28. Kathy Lane

    I would love to have one of the St Cloud Luxe Plush Mattress's.

  29. Kathy Lane

    My plans for 2014 is to pay off all of my medical bills,so I can get out of debt.

  30. Amy Tolley

    i want the comforter sets

  31. Amy Tolley

    my plans for 2014 is we are preparing for our dirst grandbaby coming in may

  32. Roe Clark

    A gel memory foam pillow

  33. Roe Clark

    To take a trip up north to visit with my mom & dad

  34. md Kennedy

    Another one of my plans is to travel to Spain.

  35. Kathy flanagan

    The Avon medium queen sized mattress is what I need.

  36. Kathy flanagan

    I plan to spend more time at home with family and less at work.

  37. jodi frasier/lasher

    I would love a memory foam gel pillow. Thanks

  38. Sheri Ferguson

    I would love one of their memory foam pillows.

  39. Sheri Ferguson

    My plans for 2014 are to whittle away a few pounds!

  40. Sandra Sue Blanton

    I know it is alot but this would be for momma's hospital bed! 3" 4lb Topper

  41. Sandra Sue Blanton

    Get my cholestrol down! 

  42. Mia

    I like the Vitex Memory Contour Pillow.

  43. Mia

    I want to exercise more and be fit!

  44. Sheila Owen

    I would likeSt. Lucia – Medium-Plush mattress.  I desperately need a new one.

  45. Sheila Owen

    I really want to try and eat healthy, and lose some weight.

  46. md Kennedy

    I'm going to learn to Nordic walk.

  47. Melinda Morse


  48. Janette Polivka

    Oh my goodness, it all looks wonderful!  But since I'm in desperate need of a mattress, I would have to say the memory foam mattress!

  49. Steva Spottswood

    12" Glacier Gel Memory Foam Mattress…wow would that be luxious.  I would want the medium-plush for sure.

  50. Steva Spottswood

    My hopes for this new year would be to organize my home and get healthier.

  51. maureen Howard

    I would love the Glacier Mattress !

  52. Mary Diehl

    I'd love the memory foam pillows, I think they'd be so great. thank you.

  53. Jennifer Hiles

    I really like the Nature's Sleep ViscoLite Pillow

  54. Shannon

    https://www.naturessleep.com/mattresses/fiji-gel-memory-foam-mattress.aspx or any mattress, mine is old and lumpy

  55. Shannon

    To craft more, to enjoy life more

  56. md Kennedy

    I am going to Greece!

  57. robyn donnelly

    I like the mattress toppers and the memory foram pillows.  Of course, the slippers are a welcome gift.  

  58. ellen schull

    I would love a memory foam pillow.

  59. ellen schull

    I hoe to lose weight.

  60. md Kennedy

    My plans include getting my first colonoscopy – woo hoo!  :-)

  61. Brandi Dawn

    I like the memory foam mattresses the best.

  62. savannah logan

    The Vitex memory foam pillow looks really comfy!

  63. savannah logan

    My big plans are to get back into shape after baby number three arrives.

  64. Tiffany Condon-Shirley

    The bio crystal mattress sounds interesting. Id like that the best

  65. Tiffany Condon-Shirley

    My great plans for 2014 include taking my daughter to Disney Land for her firs t time

  66. Litany

    open toe slippers

  67. Litany

    greatest plans is to lose weight atleast 10lbs

  68. Wendy Mastin

    I would like the Faux Down Pillow

  69. Wendy Mastin

    Spend more time traveling to Philadelphia to be with my new grandson.

  70. md Kennedy

    I am helping my husband get in shape in 2014

  71. Jasmine P

    I would like the Vitex Gel Memory Foam Pillow!

  72. Jasmine P

    To get healthy!

  73. md Kennedy

    My husband and I are going to replace our floors!

  74. Carrie Stelzer

    Just the thought of the faux down pillow makes me feel tired :)

  75. Carrie Stelzer

    I plan to enjoy my grandchildren completely in 2014. Our grandson from Alaska will be with us all summer!

  76. md Kennedy

    I am planning to spend more time with my Mother.

  77. Dawn Monroe

    Id like to get the memory foam mattress cover and a couple pillows.

  78. Dawn Monroe

    Wewant to our first “brand” new car. Fingers crossed.

  79. alyce poalillo

    I would love to get the Pet bed for my kitties.  

  80. md Kennedy

    In 2014 I am going to learn to Nordic walk!

  81. Paula Gardner

    I like the pet bed the best.

  82. Shannon

    To be a better person.

  83. Mary Dailey

    The 8" Jupiter Mattress

  84. Mary Dailey

    I'm going to try to quit worrying about things I have no control over!

  85. md Kennedy

    I plan to spend more time with my nieces and nephews!

  86. Erin K.

    I love the dog bed and the Diamond gel mattress! 

  87. Erin K.

    My great plans for 2014 – have a baby girl in Feb. (I have two boys already…very excited!!) and make the permanent switch to a real foods diet!

  88. Jill Myrick

    I would love to have the Diamond Gel Mattress from Natures Sleep.



  89. Jill Myrick

    My plans are to become more active with and go on new adventures with my children.



  90. Erin K.

    Start homeschooling my preschooler!

  91. md Kennedy

    I am going to try to not say anything bad about anyone!

  92. Kera Adams


    10.5" Fiji Gel Memory Foam Mattress

  93. Kera Adams

    Continue to build up my sewing business

  94. Erin K.

    To start exercising again!

  95. md Kennedy

    I plan to publish a cookbook!

  96. Linda Kish

    I would like a 2.5" HD Visco Topper


    I would like their Biopolymer Topper


    My plans for the year are to lose 20 lbs, get toned up, and eat healthier

  99. Karen Drake

    I would love to have the Vitex Contour pillows.

  100. Evelyn Driver

    I would love to have the Vitex Gel Memory Foam Pillows

  101. Evelyn Driver

    I plan to start walking every day.

  102. Dorothy Teel

    Great plans for 2014 –  is to enjoy being retired and quit feeeling guilty about it, save some money and enjoy life and my grandchildren..

  103. Dorothy Teel

    I would love to try one of these Faux Down Pillows for my tender head.. 

  104. sarah jerome

    to get organized

  105. sarah jerome

    Memory Foam Mattresses

  106. md Kennedy

    I am going to TNR at least 10 feral cats.

  107. Erin K.

    I would love to eat less sweets!


    Also plan to build a new deck behind the house

  109. Erin K.

    Spend more quality time with my husband.

  110. natalie parvis

    The Bay Harbor mattress Medium Firm.

  111. natalie parvis

    I need to heal my injuries in 2014.

  112. Kayci Stanley

    I would like to get the Memory Foam Pet Bed, to spoil my old dog.

  113. Kayci Stanley

    I am trying to be more happy and less anxious this year :)

  114. md Kennedy

    My plans for 2014 include trying to spend more time outside.

  115. Ashley Fryer

    I just want to make the most of every moment.

  116. Ashley Fryer

    I would love to have a memory foam topper.

  117. Crystal Rose

    I like the Memory Foam Pet Bed.

  118. Crystal Rose

    I'd like to get the house straightened up and lose some weight.

  119. krista grandstaff

    I'd like to check out the Biopolymer Visco topper :)

  120. krista grandstaff

    I am looking forward to my new position at work – I hope that all of my hard work is paying off!

  121. laurie

     i would liike to have the Vitex Gel Memory Foam pillow

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