Jan 12 2014

Enter : Stuck on You Name Puzzle Giveaway

Welcome to the Stuck on You Name Puzzle Giveaway!

Hosted by One Little Mister  and Sponsored by Stuck on You

namepuzzlegiveaway   Stuck on You is a company that specializes in fantastic personalized gifts, such as this personalized wooden name puzzle!

  • Individually crafted
  • MDF and lead free
  • Develops motor skills, color recognition, and early literacy skills
  • Suitable for 18 months+
  • Compatible with wooden puzzle storage box

  Click to read One Little Mister's full review of Stuck on You Name Puzzles.   a Rafflecopter giveaway  

Disclosure: One Little Mister and participating bloggers were not compensated for the promotion of this giveaway. All opinions are our own and were not influenced in any way. The sponsor will be responsible for fulfillment.


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  1. kim burnett

    theres no place to put the secret phrase on the rafflecopter bundle of joy

  2. kim burnett

    I love the personalized wooden name puzzle!

  3. Terra Agueda

    bundle of joy  Jan 12


  4. Terra Agueda

    the lunchboxes are cute- great for school time!

  5. rebeka deleon

    i love the junior storage box.

  6. rebeka deleon

    the phrase is bundle of joy. there was no where to enter it on the rafflecopter…

  7. jodi frasier/lasher

    I like the junior backpacks.

  8. Jaime G

    I like the Beach towels- nice and large.

  9. Vicki Hale

    Hello, today's secret phrase is Bundle of joy.  thanks. Vicki

  10. Jaime G

    Bundle of joy

  11. Vicki Hale

    Good Morning, after visiting the website, I have chosen:  Personalized beach towels as another item I would like. Thank you.  Vicki.

  12. Heather Poindexter

    bundle of joy.

  13. Heather Poindexter

    I would like the drink bottles.

  14. Robin Abrams

    I like the aprons .

  15. Robin Abrams

    Bundle of joy

  16. sheri anderson

    I love the name labels,  so fun!

  17. Debbie Clauer

    Bundle of joy

  18. Debbie Clauer

    I like Everywhere Friend.

  19. Tina Truex

    I would like the Large personalized beach blanket. I would send to my great nephew in california



  20. Tina Truex

    Bundle of Joy


  21. T.J. Wallace

    I like the personalized junior storage box.

  22. Darlene Owen

    I also like the BEACH TOWEL – EXTRA LARGE

  23. Darlene Owen

    Todays secret phrase: Bundle of joy

  24. Darlene Owen

    Todays secret phrase: Bundle of joy.

  25. Angela Newsome

    I love the personalized drink bottles!

  26. Angela Newsome

    Secret Phrase: Bundle of Joy

  27. Sacha Schroeder

    I would love the Tools for School set!

  28. Sacha Schroeder

    Bundle of joy is the code. No blank spot in the rafflecopter.

  29. All Natural Katie

    I also like the wooden number puzzle

  30. gahome2mom

    Beach towel is a great idea! Easy to loose on the beach. Thanks

  31. gahome2mom

    bundle of joy


  32. angela w

    Bundle of joy

  33. angela w

    love the junior wheelie bag

  34. angela w

    I like that the puzzel is lead free

  35. abedabun dawn

    What other item do I like?  I love the LEFT AND RIGHT SHOE LABELS.  What a great way to help children learn how to put their shoes on!  I love them!

  36. abedabun dawn

    What is the secret word of the day?  Bundle of joy.

  37. Melissa G

    Bundle of Joy

  38. Melissa G

    I love the beach towel


  39. Jen F

    This is one of the items that I like from the website – STORAGE HAMPER – SINGLE

  40. Darlene Jones-Nelson


  41. Dede

    I love the spot pencils.  If I could use those in my classroom, they'd be so easy to SPOT if one of my students tried to take it out of the room!

    Dede recently posted..Why I enter blog giveawaysMy Profile

  42. addison kat

    I like their lunchboxes

  43. Stephanie M.

    Beach Towel

  44. sue



  45. Hana Boccella

    I liked the family planning calender. My older daughter would live it!
    Hana Boccella recently posted..Enter : $100 Paypal Cash 2014 Resolutions GiveawayMy Profile

  46. Jenny Lloyd

    i love the toiletry bag!

  47. ET Pruitt

    I like the Medium Wall Canvas 

  48. polly

    I like the Robot Bag Tag

  49. christine jessamine

    I love the personalized lunchboxes

  50. Rebecca Parsons

    I like the Beach Towl, cool new product.

  51. shanice

    olivia lunchbox

  52. Shana

    Love the personalized storage boxes

  53. Laur a DeLuca

    i like the art smocks

  54. Jeannie Do

    the diaries personalized lunch boxes

  55. judy mitchell

    i like the personalized lunch boxes

  56. Jenny

    I like the library bag in red.

  57. Elaine Powell

    how can I pick one item to like,  beach towel, lunchbag, nighties!! on, on,,,

  58. Tabitha Knoll

    I think the personalized silicone placemats are super cute!

  59. Jody Arbogast

    Kids name Labels


  60. Linda henson

    I love the beach towels

  61. niccole tolman

    My daughter would love this!!!

  62. Shelia S

    I like the 0-5 pack.  I actually like a lot of their products.  

  63. Allison

    I love ethe junior storgae book!

  64. Amanda Hoffman

    the winter pj set

  65. Jo Morgan

    The large beach towel

  66. Jo Morgan

    Lead free paint-awesime and no worries about them somehow being chewed on

  67. melodi mance

    i love MEDIUM CANVAS

  68. Dawn K.

    I love the canvas clock.

  69. Melissa W.

    I really like the small circle stickers with names on them :)  We home school so that would come in very handy for pens and pencils.

  70. leanne

    Two Pack Party Straws

  71. Julie Lee

    Love the lunch pack!  So cute and love that it's already labeled!  

  72. Shannon Anderson

    The water bottles would be great, we use those all the time here.

  73. Jeannie Do

    The personalized puzzles are perfect for little fingers an are easy to help teach them there names

  74. Jan Lee

    I like their lunchboxes :)

  75. Jan Lee

    The link to vote at Top Mommy Blogs does not go to that site…. it goes to a rafflecopter???

  76. jennifer wexler

    i like the Junior Wheelie Bag

  77. Jocelyn McGaffic

    I love the drink bottles! My kids love to carry drinks around wherever we go and the personalization would help with them not getting mixed up. 

  78. Gayle

    Drink bottles would be great party favors..use at the party. a guests take the, home as a favor.

  79. Gayle

    The puzzle can help leaen shapes and colors too,

  80. Crystal Hine

    I like the canvas, I think they are super cute. But the puzzle is deff my fav <3

  81. cheryla lister

    Love the polka dot bath towels!

  82. Jane Ritz

    I like the personalized lunch boxes.


  83. Beverly Jennings

    I like the storage hamper-double

  84. Jessica Whitehouse

    I'd like the designer bag tags for my kids' backpacks and iron-in lables for coats, hats, and gloves.

  85. Janette Polivka

    I like the Winter PJ's and the embroidered bacpack!

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