Dec 28 2013

Enter : Zoomer Interactive Dog Giveaway

Welcome to the Zoomer Interactive Dog Giveaway!

zoomer 2

($89.99 Value) Sponsor: SpinMaster Hosted by: Rude Mom

Rude Mom had the chance to review an interactive dog named Zoomer. Her son, Denver has had a great time training Zoomer. It is all the fun of having a dog without all the mess and since we have cats, this makes a perfect toy for them to chase. He rolls over, plays dead, and even acts like he is using the potty…LOL. But the cutest thing is when you tell Zoomer you love him he tells you right back. As most of you know Denver has autism and this has been a wonderful experience for him and us. We have enjoyed watching him train Zoomer and interact with him daily. I would highly recommend Zoomer with out a doubt.

zoomer 1


Zoomer is an interactive puppy with multiple sensors that enable him to behave just like a real dog. Of course, like any puppy (or kid!) Zoomer might not always listen the first time if he’s feeling rambunctious. He’s all the fun of a family pet without the mess, vaccinations and responsibility.

  • A loving, loyal friend for ages 5+
  • Can learn dozens of different tricks
  • Understands English, French and Spanish (UK Zoomer understands Russian too!)
  • If you press the button on Zoomer's back, he'll reward you with a random trick
  • Easy and fun to train


One lucky Rude Mom reader is going to win a Zoomer Interactive Dog of your own!

Prize: One Zoomer Interactive Dog ($89.99 Value)


Open to US/Candian residents only. Giveaway will run from 12/27 until 1/10 at 12 am EST.

Use the rafflecopter below to gain entries…Don’t forget to come back daily to receive your extra entries!

Good Luck from Rude Mom and all the awesome bloggers who are helping to promote!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. ellen willett


  2. Catherine

    I have 1 dog. 

  3. Marci

    1 cat, 1 hamster

  4. Cynthia Cover

    I have one doggie, the sweetest girl ever!

  5. nicole krutz

    We have 1 cat we call Mama Cat, she's a siamese mix cat, very pretty. And we have Teddy, our 4 1/2 year old miniature poodle! 

  6. Cynthia Sizemore

    Our family has 4 dogs and 1 cat,we had a rabbit but couldn't keep it.

  7. Maegan Morin

    We have two cats! Star and Happy :D

  8. wen budro

    I have 2 canine fur babies.

  9. Natalie

    We have a dog 

  10. andie

    One BIG cat.

  11. kim propp

    We have five dogs!

  12. Hwather Poindexter

    Not right now!

  13. Lilia Kharabora

    No pets. This is as close as I could get ;) 

  14. Anne Perry

    we have one dog

  15. Leanne

    We have 2 cats

  16. joseph roeder

    yes i have pets.i have birds and hamsters. however my daughter has asthma and is allergic to dogs and cats. and she wants a dog sooooo bad, but can't have a real one, so a zoomer dog would be perfect for her. 

  17. Jill Jacoby

    I have 2 cats and 2 dogs and I foster two dogs for the pound.

  18. mindy cole

    I have 2 cats

  19. Kael h


  20. debra dubois

    We have two sweet puppies we adopted 4 months ago they are 6 months now they are thw sweetest.. Daisy & Lilly

  21. Sherre Schwartz

    Yes 1 do and 1 cat and 2 birds and 1 guinea pig lol

  22. Kathy Dunaway

    I have dogs and cats.

  23. Anita L

    I have one dog.

  24. Karen Smidutz

    Have 3 cats.

  25. Christina Swenson

    We have one Saint Bernard!

  26. Mary Diehl

    I have 3 dogs and 1 cat. So they can keep a person very busy.

  27. charlene dellechiaie

    I have a cat.

  28. melinda fritz

    no   we   dont  have   any  pets

  29. Kate N.

    We have a yellow lab but he’s old and not very active. This would be great for my 1st grader.

  30. Ada

    No pets currently and my kids have been asking for a new pet since our last were taken by their dad when we split up over a year ago. 

  31. Donna C.

    We have 3 dogs and 1 cat

  32. Sarah R

    No pets here – my girls are dying for a dog but at this time we just can't give it the proper attention. This would be perfect!!

  33. Granny D

    I currently do not have any pets, but I have 2 "granddogs"

  34. jennifer cervantes

    no pets my kids are too rough with them.

  35. Robin Miller

    We don't have any pets as I'm allergic, so this would be perfect!

  36. Gianna

    Both plus birds.

  37. michelle smith

    3 cats and 1 dog

  38. June S.

    We have three cat's, Ibanez, Ozzy, & Buddy. They are all male cats.

  39. jaeda carter

    1 dog, 1 fish and a frog

  40. Kelly Lucas

    We have a dog called Bobbie, Magnet and Puss are our cats and we have 6 fish.

  41. gail purkins

    No, I have no pets.

  42. richelle leffler

    no we dont i'm allergic my daughter really wants one but can't she loves this robot one would be something for her since we can't have a real one :)

  43. meg

    I love dogs

  44. Sarah Barnes

    we have 2 cats and a brand new puppy!!! my kids would loooove this!

  45. keri moore scott

    I have the best little dog ever…and fish and frogs

  46. Julie Reed

    My kids would love this! Thank you

    1. Julie Reed

      we have one cat!!!! that part didnt post for a reason! Happy New Year to All!

  47. daphne howse

    i have 3 dogs


  48. Jackie M.

    i have 2 cats. Casper,and Tiger

  49. Alexandra

    I have 1 cat

  50. Misty P.

    We have one dog and two cats.

  51. Rachael Leventhal

    We have 3 cats and a dog

  52. Gayle S

    No, no pets.

  53. Kathy Myers

    We have to dogs, who are a part of our family!

  54. polly

    We have a Golden Retriver named Madison/Maddie……when she is in trouble she is lovingly known as Maddie The Baddie!

  55. debra dubois

    We have two sweet girl puppies we adopted 4 months ago they are both lab mix.. They sure are the sweetest :)

  56. beverly paquin

    i have a parrot. looking for a medium sized dog.

  57. Velvet Hubler

    We have a cat

  58. Debra G

    I have 1 cat.

  59. Nicole B

    We have dogs.

  60. Deidre Davis

    We don't have any real pets since my kids are too young to clean up after them right now.

  61. Joanne Vanderheite

    I have two Labs and one cat…!

  62. Josephine

    1 cat, 2 dogs, 1 bird

  63. Amy

    We have 1dog, 2 cats, 5 chickens, and 7 fish :)

  64. Sherry Simons

    No pets in our house. 3 kids are enough!

  65. jennifer royal



  66. Elizabeth Langham


  67. Debbie Fitcher

    I don't but we do have two dogs in the house.

  68. Denise Welch

    Yes i have one

  69. barrett caldwell

    we have dogs

  70. Jhyrel Pommells

    We have no pets :)

  71. Malia

    Our dog recently passed away so we no longer have a pet.

  72. Betsy Brown

    I have 3 Cats.Teddie Bear,Tigger,and Tux.


  73. Karen Dries

    one dog, one cat

  74. Kaile R

    We had a dog. He ran away in October and has yet to be found.

  75. Denise Elliott

    2 dogs yorkie and black lab

  76. Stacie

    Yes…one dog

  77. Steva Spottswood

     Two kitties

  78. Jenniffer Griffin

    No pets… allergies :(

  79. colleen kosinski

    Three dogs.

  80. meija

    unfortunatly we dont have any pets.

  81. Denise Boeger

    I have a cat

  82. Vunda V

    no pets, want a dog though!

  83. Robyn B.

    I have 3 dogs.

  84. Wanda Rountree

    Have a dog and Bearded Dragons

  85. Amy bavier bartley

    we have 2 cats. 

  86. Tina Seagraves

    I have 1 dog and 7 cats

  87. Darcy

    We have both. Buddy, our 6 yr. Old Weimeraner, and Maxwell the luscious Maine Coon kitty.

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