Nov 20 2013

Large Royal Sack Giveaway & Nature’s Sleep Holiday Event #NSXmas

Welcome to the “Home For The Holidays” Sweepstakes Event hosted by Makobi Scribe!

This exciting giveaway hop runs from Nov 18 to Dec 16 and each participating blogger has a prize package that is something you look forward to receiving for the Holiday season! 

Large Royal Sack3

For My Charmed Mom's giveaway, one winner will receive Large Royal Sack from Bean Bag Chair Outlet ($134.99). 

Giveaway is o[en to US only and will run until 11:59 PM EST, December 16, 2013. See full details and enter on the form below! Good luck!


Want to win the GrandPrize?

Nature’s Sleep Memory Foam Mattress!

Nature’s Sleep Memory Foam Mattress

Nature's Sleep carries a variety of products to help you get a blissful night's sleep from memory foam pillows to memory foam mattresses. You can wake up to a whole new you. Say goodnight to aches and pains while you sleep in sublime comfort and awake feeling refreshed. One lucky continental US winner will be chosen to receive a memory foam mattress from Nature's Sleep at a max value of $4000 by entering the code word from the blog they entered the sweepstakes on in the Giveaway Tools form below. During this sweepstakes Nature's Sleep has offered a 51% off the entire site with code: HolidayCheer

My code word is: PIPER


Thanks for entering! Now see all of the great prizes all the other blogs are offering! 



* I was not compensated for this post nor shall be responsible for prize fulfillment. All prize shipment will be made by the Sponsor company. Thoughts are my own.


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  1. Stephanie Phelps

    On my wishlist this year is a new set of pots and pans!

  2. Diana Stanhope

    I would love a laptop. 

  3. courtney hennagir

    I would love a camera this year! Ours just died and we have a baby girl we love taking pictures of!

  4. Alana Vester

    I would like a new iPod. 

  5. Michelle M

    Lenses for my camera are on my holiday wish list!

  6. Jeanna

    A new cell phone is on my holiday wishlist!

  7. Kathleen

    I'd like an iPod Touch this year! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  8. Trish F

    Greatly improved health is on my wish list.  Thanks for a great giveaway!

  9. Pauline Milner

    I am blessed in that I do not really need anything.  I will ask my Husband for some books and jar candles from Diamond Candles and Yankee.  Thanks for the super giveaway opportunity.   Keep up the terrific blogging.

  10. Darlene Owen

    On my wishlist is a new laptop.

  11. Lanie

    I need a new smartphone so badly! lol The screen is cracked and its pretty old.

  12. Tina T

    I really wishing for a new computer / or tablet this year

  13. Carolann Leibenguth

    The only thing I want for christmas is all of my family at my Christmas dinner.

  14. Alana Vester

    A PS3.

  15. Jennifer Johansen

    I want a Le Crueset saucepan!

  16. Alana Vester

    A winning lottery ticket that has so many 0's on it I won't have to work again! :-)

  17. Calien Laure

    a new crossbow :)

  18. Carolann Leibenguth

    I would love a Samsung Note 3

  19. Jennifer Johansen

    A smartphone!

  20. Alana Vester

    Flat screen tv.

  21. Misha Estrada

    I need a new car really bad.  Hopefully, Santa will come through :)

  22. Tanya Holland

    I hope I can get my kids the gifts they want.

  23. ang


  24. Alana Vester

    A new bed!

  25. Lacy

    This is going to be a very slim christmas. Both my husbands hours and my hours have been extremely cut. We are both just barely working part time hours and not by choice. There just isn't any jobs around here so we stay at the companies we have been at for years. Anything would definitly help! I appreciate all the giveaways and keeping my fingers crossed. Have a good Thanksgiving everyone!

  26. Alana Vester

    Just Dance games.

  27. Darlene Owen

    A new laptop is on my list this year.

  28. Jennifer T

    a new jacket

  29. Bo

    I'm wishing for a Dyson fan/heater combo.

  30. Alana Vester

    New camera

  31. jodi frasier/lasher

    I have a king size bed set on my wish list this year. I think my mother just might get it for me to .. LOL

  32. Alana Vester

    A house! :-)

  33. Lisa G

    I really need a new laptop!

  34. Robin Abrams

    On my wishlist this year is finding a new job.

  35. linda w.

    A Keurig

  36. Katie Korpan

    love these bean bags!

  37. Tanya Holland

    To have my whole family together.

  38. Bianca Lloyd

    A trip and a PS3!

  39. Tanya Holland

    Hoping my family stays healthy.

  40. Noreen Plantz

    I have a new camera on my wish list this year.

  41. Alana Vester

    A vacation from school and work! I don't think that would fit in Santa's bag. :-P

  42. Cindi Decker

    A new sewing machine!

  43. Lacy

    I don't really have anything on my wishlist. I'd love certificates though. To may be get a massage, or my hair done, or nails…

  44. Emily Jimenez

    Laptop computer

  45. debra

    everyone stays as health as they are in my family.

  46. Angela W

    A Disney World vacation is on my wishlist.

  47. Allison

    A new laptop please!

  48. Lori A.

    I'd love a family vacation.

  49. Mia

    I want some dark chocolates!

  50. Alexia Abby

    Slippers are on my holiday list! =)

  51. Naomi

    I'd love some living room furniture.

  52. sally guenterberg

    would love a tablet

  53. Michael Torres

    On my holiday wish list this year is a new laptop or Nexus 7.

  54. Tammy S

    I would love a KitchenAid Mixer.

  55. Renee

    I would love a new set of Calphalon Professional pans.  My daughter, Jessica- would love the bean-bag chair.  My son, Aaron- would adore the Nature's Sleep bed….he's getting taller and his bed doesn't quite fit him.  My husband, John- would like a vacation for our family.  My son, Josh and his wife Nikkie would like any type of furniture or a Kitchen Aid mixer.  My ultimate gift wish for myself would be a TC20 Treadclimber.  It's supposed to be fun, walking while losing weight and helping me get healthy.

  56. Tanya Holland

    I'm wishing for a vacation next year.

  57. Renee

    A TC20 Treadclimber

  58. Velvet Hubler

    I would love to get a Nature Sleep bed under the tree

  59. Jessica Todd

    a keurig is on my wish list!

  60. Amanda Pankey

    Nothing really.  I just want my girls to have a good Christmas and to spend time with my family.

  61. Katheleen Cannella

    On my holiday wish list right now is a car because mine just got totaled on Friday on the highway in Oklahoma City when I accidentally skidded on black ice and my car crashed and got totaled.

  62. Tammy

    I would love this beanbag for my new apartment

  63. Beth Cushman

    On my xmas list this year would be a job!

  64. Kaniya Knight

    Hope I win!!

  65. evelyn florinchi

    I would like some crafting supplies.

  66. Ellen Thompson

    I would love to get a tablet or a really good camera for Christmas.

  67. Terra Heck

    My holiday wish list is Tassimo coffee discs, tights and leggings for roller derby, and cowgirl boots.  Thanks.


  68. carla bonesteel

    I want a Keurig and I need a radar detector.

  69. Tracie Russell

    I would love to have a kitchenaid mixer

  70. candy kratzer wenzel

    My Christmas wish is to get a Wilton icing decorating tips.

  71. Heidi J. Sisco

    Some new sheets for our bed is on my wish list. 

  72. Laurey Byrd

    A new car was on my wishlist and Santa just dropped it off!!

  73. Nicole Carter

    On my wishlist is a Kitchen Aid Mixer

  74. debra l.

    anything! id like to win something i think- element of surprise!

  75. christine k

    a job

  76. Elayna

    A Kindle Paper white!

  77. Julia Cosgrove

    This is on my list plus I want my family to have a nice holiday.

  78. Jean Cox

    I would love for the weather to let up so we can travel to see the grandparents :)

  79. Pamela Aljoe

    Good health

  80. Trisha Carlson

    On my wishlist this year is a new mattress and some extra cash!

  81. Anne Milkie

    Dish ware is on the top of my list

  82. Nichole Nelson

    A kitchenaid stand mixer!

  83. Jill Jacoby

    I would love a tablet.

  84. Maureen Butcher

    I would like a elyptical bike and curling iron.

  85. Samantha Anderson

    OOOOH! We so need this, My little girl would lose her mind over this!

  86. Emily Jimenez

    Warm boots!

  87. Nicole Carter

    New dishes!




  89. carla bonesteel

    My wishlist also has money on it…I'm so broke!

  90. debra

    it WAS that my kids are happy and receive everything they ask Santa for- now its just that their dad is home to celebrate it!!

  91. Amanda Ayala

    For my daughter to have the best first Xmas :)

  92. raluca berger

    smartwool socks!

  93. Jane Ritz

    A baby doll for a 4 year old. 

  94. Tina Truex

    I would love to get a touchscreen computer / laptop / tablet

  95. carla bonesteel

    I would also like some new furniture for my apartment…a Royal Sack would be a great start!

  96. Raina Hood

    I would like my boys to get all they want.

  97. GAyle

    CK perfume

  98. Bobbie Foust

    I want presents for my 2 year old granddaughter.  

  99. Jerri Davis

    I hope that I get some money. Thank You, Jerri Davis

  100. Nicole Carter

    I would love to have a new vaccum.

  101. Shayna

    I would love a new camera :)



  102. Lori A.

    I'm wishing for a food processor

  103. Vikki Hendershot

    same as every year…..Making my kids Christmas wishes come true

  104. Susan Marie Krysztoforski

    A bed for me and my son, a slide for my son. paper for his art kit

  105. Michelle G

    Camera lens

  106. leslie grabbs

    baby furniture for my grandbaby that's due in June

  107. Debi H.

    Entangled: For Everything, There Is a Key DVD

  108. Shannon Anderson

     A new television.

  109. lana simanovicki

    i wish for a kurieg

  110. Ellen Thompson

    I would love to get a tablet or a really good camera!

  111. Debbie Smith

    I  actually have a bnean bag type seat on my holiday list. My aughter needs something comfy to sit on in her room

  112. Sheri Ferguson

    A Keurig is on my list this year!

  113. Kathy Luman

    I really would like to get a Keurig for Christmas this year.

  114. ron frampton

    a new laptop

  115. jodi frasier/lasher

    I would love a pair of ugg boots or even bear paw boots. Thanks

  116. Lisa F.

    I already have my Christmas wish: My parents have a house again.

  117. Kathy Lane

    My wish is for a Lap Top!

  118. Penny Delgado

    First is a hair dryer or blow dryer to dry my hair an second would be a Ipad or tablet

  119. meme

    for me a new coat

  120. Georgia Beckman

    My wishlist has a chaise for the library on it.  That's what I WANT.  But I am also planning to put a large bean bag in there too.  So this would be perfect!

  121. Nicole Carter

    I wish for a Mother's Ring.

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