Nov 29 2013

Enter : PlayMG Giveaway

Tis the season for gift giving and so why wouldn't you give the best gift for your kids?

Welcome to the PlayMG Giveaway!


PlayMG is the answer to every parents wish to own their own cell phone again. Not only that, but it was recently announced that PlayMG received a 2013 Family Choice Award as well! Read a Mom’s review of it here!


What exactly is PlayMG? PlayMG is a pocketable all-in-one entertainment system specifically designed for young people who do not have a smartphone. There are no monthly charges or expensive cartridge games to buy and PlayMG gives you access to everything on the Google Play Android platform. With PlayMG, young people get their own smart-device and parents get their smartphones back. PlayMG functions over Wireless Internet which makes it perfect for at home use or on the go connected to my mobile hot spot.   Check out the video below and see why PlayMG should be on YOUR shopping list this holiday season.  





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One Lucky Reader is going to win a PlayMG Portable Android Gaming Device !

Giveaway organized by OurKidsMom. Ends December 13, 2013 at 11:59pm CST.

To enter please use the Rafflecopter form below. Good luck.



a Rafflecopter giveaway

Rules:You do not have to be a blogger to enter/win. An email address is required to enter. The winner will be chosen randomly through Rafflecopter and contacted via email. A reply to the winning email is required within 48 hours before a new winner is chosen. One person entering per household please. US ONLY please.

Disclosure: My Charmed Mom is not responsible for sponsor prize shipment. Please contact ourkidsmom@gmail.com with questions or to see your business or blog featured on the next big event!


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  1. Shanna

    I love the slim portable design!!! =D

  2. Karen F

    There are some cool games preloaded.

  3. Tanya Holland

    l like the fact that it has some of the same apps and games that are avaibable for my phone, now I csn have my phone back. I also like that it has a camera.

  4. Kelly Amos

    I like that the PlayMG has a headphone jack to allow for play anywhere and 26GB expandable memory.

  5. Panda

    I live in the UK but my two kids each have one of these and they rock! whoever wins will be very happy!

  6. cassandra martz

    I like that you can put their allowance on it.

  7. melikegarfield

    I love that it has more than 60,000 app games — not that you even will get/need more than a fraction of 1%…but it helps ensure you will find what you want/need.

  8. carol roberts clark

    i like that it comes with games 

  9. Jennifer Johansen

    I like the Family Collaboration System!

  10. Melissa

    I love all the features of this. What a great product for the little ones!

  11. Alana Vester

    I like that it has Remote Trust.

  12. Jessamine D.

    I like that it has wi-fi. :)

  13. Claire Rheinheimer

    I like that this can connect to wi-fi but you don't have to carry a monthly plan on it. I want this so bad for my son!

  14. ALPA

    i liek the Play MG headphone jack its cute and very nice. m sure they will be comfertable too

  15. Michelle Hagewood

    I like that the games are pre-loaded onto it so you don't have to buy any games.


    boylaneely at hotmail dot com

  16. Heidi F

    I like the digital wallet idea!!

  17. carol prince

    i love it has so many different apps, and you save money on games also the headphones are too cute

  18. ang

    my so n would llove

  19. Marci Dalm

    I like that my kids could play that instead of my phone! 

  20. Tracy Rae Johanneck-Utphall

    Anything learning!!! My 9yr old is struggling with school n really dislikes it..anything to help him catch up and find fun in learning im ALL FOR!

  21. debra

    connection to wi-fi (so he can give me my phone back and I don't have to worry about using up all my on data for the month)!!

  22. Emily

    Would love to win

  23. Hal Jenner

    I like the Family Collaboration system on it

  24. Sue Sweetman

    I love that I won't have to pay for a separate data plan, my grandchildren will love this.

  25. Tracy

    I like that it has expandalble memory.

  26. Alison

    I like the apps! My kids would love it!


    I like the fact that it comes with games

  28. Heather Forseth Grant

    i love that you can set an allowance so you dont get unexpected charges!

  29. Rachelle

    I like the fact that it's designed like a smartphone, Has a slot for added storage, headphone jack and camera. Whoever wins this can definitely save battery life on their phone by letting the kids play games on here instead. This is an awesome product!

  30. Donella Wick

    this looks like a great item that my daughter would love!!


  31. debra


  32. Sonja

    It's small – something my grandkids would love!

  33. Ingermaria Berryman

    Android gaming device geared for young users, parental controls in place, when you load $10 onto a reloadable MasterCard for buying games and apps, they’ll match it with another $10 for a total of $20. Thanls for the great hiveaway!

  34. Laci C.

    All the things you can do with it…my kids would love it!

  35. Jayna E

    I like that it does the same things as a phone and it has a feature that helps parents keep up with what they do or spend.

  36. Sheila Owen

    I like that it has the ear phone jack, I hate hearing the games…I am so mean  lol

  37. AC Turner

    I love that there are no monthly costs!

  38. Angela Hendricks

    I want the Derby Days game.  That looks fun!

  39. elizabeth miller

    I love that it has the kid safe features. My 8 year old so far has been very trustworthy in her use of the internet but I like that I can assist in protecting her while on it.

  40. Jesika

    this is a really cool device :)

  41. Tiffany Slaughter

    I would love to win this. WOW

  42. Stacey Carter

    I learned what this is. I have never heard of it and its so cool with so many features

  43. jodi frasier/lasher

    I love all the preloaded apps that it already comes with. Thanks 

  44. Robin Abrams

    This is a neat gaming device great for kids. I love that it comes preloaded with app's

  45. socratesjr

    I love how many apps there are available…both apps and games.

  46. Marci

    Iike the games it comes with

  47. Phyllis

    i like that it comes preloaded

  48. krystal l

    you can put an allowance on it

  49. Jessica Lee

    wow that's so cool how you can put their allowance on it! neat device why couldn't they have this when i was younger? ;)

  50. jo ann thomas

    I like the slim design and the assortment of games and ease of buying more games ty

  51. Cathy Coibion

    Wi Fi is my favorite feature!

  52. kaye lake

    i love how portable it is, you can use it anywhere… 

  53. Patricia Williams

    I like that it had wifi and my son could still play the games that he plays on the phone

  54. ashley parsons-abbott

    expandable storage is nice!

  55. Sherl Bastien

    love the fact it is so much like a cell phone… my grandson would love the games

  56. T.J. Wallace

    I like that it has wi-fi and I like all the aps!

  57. polly

    I like you can pre-load games from their site

  58. Emily Cotton

    i love the remote trust feature! SO SMART!

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