Nov 18 2013

Enter : $75 Pajanimals Prize Pack Giveaway

Welcome to $75 Pajanimals Prize Pack Giveaway!

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Hosted by: Queen of Savings

Bedtime Routine Board from TOMY (SRP: $29.99): Parents/caregivers and kids will both love getting ready for bedtime with this fun activity board. As you start your activity slide, move the corresponding character halfway to hear the start sound. When you finish, push him into the bed at the bottom and hear a fun sound for completion! Once you finish all your tasks and it’s time for bed, the Lalalullaby song will sooth you to sleep. Four tasks include take a bath, put on pajamas, brush your teeth, and read a book.

Submarine Flashlight from TOMY (SRP: $12.99): A fun flashlight toy that is perfect next to the bed and plays a fun submarine underwater sound when you turn the light on. The bottom glows in the dark even when the flashlight is off.

Squacky and the Gift of Christmas holiday board and sticker book from Running Press (SRP: $7.95) The Pajanimals are excited that Christmas is coming! Squacky really hopes he gets the new Fantastic Splash Super Sub, but then becomes worried that Santa won’t bring it. The Pajanimals travel to The Night Sky where the moon reminds Squacky that Christmas isn’t about the presents you get, it’s about spending time with the ones you love and sharing Christmas traditions together.

Sweet Pea Sue Makes a New Friend from Running Press (SRP: $7.95) Sweet Pea Sue can’t sleep because she’s scared of a picture of an octopus she saw in a book. When the Pajanimals go to the Big, Blue Sea, they meet Ellie, a real octopus. To Sweet Pea Sue’s surprise, Ellie is scared of the Pajanimals. The two realize that there’s nothing to be afraid of because they just want to be friends.

Pajanimals’ Pajama Party! DVD from NCircle Entertainment (SRP: $9.99) Pajanimals love to celebrate birthdays, sing songs and enjoy pajama dance parties with friends. You and your pre-schoolers can join Cowbella, Apollo,Sweet Pea Sue and Squacky as they travel to Birthday Land to learn the true importance of why birthdays are so special! Then it’s time to enjoy a pajama dance party and sing our favorite songs! Join the Pajanimals on these fun adventures before it’s time for bedtime in “Pajanimals Pajama Party!”

  • Prizes:

    • Bedtime Routine Board from TOMY
    • Submarine Flashlight from TOMY
    • Squacky and the Gift of Christmas holiday board and sticker book from Running Press ,
    • Sweet Pea Sue Makes a New Friend from Running Press and Pajanimals’ Pajama Party! DVD from NCircle Entertainment.

Giveaway runs from November 18 to November 30, 2013 and is open to US Residents 18+

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Disclosure: My Charmed Mom did not receive compensation for this post and is not responsible for prize fulfillment


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  1. Heather Poindexter

    I thinkSweet Pea Sue!

  2. daph

    submarine flashlight sounds so cute

  3. Melissa French

    My child would like the submarine flashlight the most. I see a fort in our future.

  4. Amanda Hoffman

    the flashlight

  5. Kathleen Kennedy-Leon

    My son would get a kick out of the submarine flashlight :) and I'm commenting under the my charmed mom blog :)

  6. natalie parvis

    My son would like the flashlight best.

  7. angie pruden

    the submarine flashlight

  8. Pauline Milner

    He would love the Submarine Flashlight.  Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity.  Keep up the terrific blogging.

  9. Cassandra Eastman

    Mine will definitely love the Submarine Flashlight toy, they love flashlights!

  10. dawn k

    My grandson would adore the flashlight.  He loves playing with lights!

  11. Rhonda Clemens

    Submarine Flashlight from TOMY

  12. Mabel

    My boy would love the flashlight.

  13. Matthew W

    The submarine flashlight

  14. michele l

    the flash lite would be fun

  15. Audrey Davis

    Bedtime Routine Board

  16. Holly

    For my daughter the flashlight would be a big hit!

  17. Darlene Owen

    I like the Bedtime Routine Board from TOMY the best.

  18. Ashley Irby

    I think my son would like the Submarine Flashlight from TOMY.

  19. Kathy Myers

    Bedtime Routine Board

  20. Jessica Whitehouse

    My kids love flashlights and anything that glows, lights up, or blinks.  The submarine flashlight would be perfect for my toddler.

  21. elizabeth miller

    Truthfully the dvd but I see that isn't under the actual prizes so definitly the flashlight

  22. Sue Sweetman

    the pajanimals party dvd, he's a dancin' fool. Lol

  23. Amanda Pankey

    Probably the submarine flashlight

  24. BreeAnna McManus

    Submarine Flashlight would be his favorite

  25. jennifer cervantes

    my daughter would love the submarine flashlight since she is always stealing ours/

  26. Janice Kohout

    These are the best!!!

  27. Angela Hendricks

    My son would love the Submarine Flashlight from TOMY.

  28. kristen huff

    i think my daughter and nephew both would love squacky

  29. Linda

         submarine flashlight

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