Jun 05 2012

Wordless Wednesday : The Avengers Experience

The Avengers! It was a movie date treat by my niece and nephews since they wanted to watch it with Ceana, this happened May4th.

before the movie, finishing off her snacks

getting ready-Jacket, check! a little sleepy..

Our Movie tickets (5)

I can feel Ceana’s amazement…Large TV and dark surrounding, it was actually her second time to watch a movie.

once inside the movie theater

Half way…

zzzz zzzz zzzz

Sleeping Princess

with my niece and nephews

Sleeping Princess

after the movie, all refreshed, lol



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  1. Joyce

    Must not have been a very good movie.


    1. Icar Maghirang

      Well Actually it was but she really felt asleep lol!

  2. Ashley Pomykala

    I loved The Avengers. We might go a second time since my boyfriends brothers have now decided that they also want to see it.

    1. Icar Maghirang

      Yes, I pretty much enjoyed the movie, I think Hulk definitely stole the scene! BUt I love Iron Man!

  3. K

    We loved The Anengers! I just heard that Ironman 3 is in production. Can’t wait! Lol

    Your little one is adorable!

    1. Icar Maghirang

      wow!that’s great to hear, looking forward to Iron Man 3, thanks for the visit!

  4. Monica

    Awhhh…looks like everyone had the perfect movie date!

    1. Icar Maghirang

      yes we all did, especially I because I haven’t been to the movies since I got pregnant!thanks for the visit!

  5. Helen

    Aww, how sweet. Mine hasn’t been able to make it through a movie yet, though she talks about the failed attempt at The Muppet Movie.

  6. Paula J

    How sweet that she watches movies! I love the photo of her face lit up by the screen :)

    Happy WW!

    1. Icar Maghirang

      haha thanks!we should have taken a photo when she was still awake and enjoying the movie…thanks for the WW visit!

  7. Missa

    So great! I really should’ve taken my daughter to movies when she was small enough to nap the whole time. Haven’t been to a theater in ages!!!

    1. Icar Maghirang

      yes you should try to bring her and enjoy it together!me too this is my first time since last year, I have missed a lot of great movies already.

    2. Icar Maghirang

      haha thanks!we should have taken a photo when she was still awake and enjoying the movie…thanks for the WW visit!

  8. forsytheas fotografy

    such a cute baby you got there!

    1. Icar Maghirang

      thanks!I do appreciate your visit, you can link up every Wednesday here!

  9. Bella

    Wow! Amazing that your daughter slept through that! I wish mine would…love action movies!!

    1. Icar Maghirang

      Well she finished half before falling asleep, lol Yes they do love action movies, because of the fast movements..thanks for the visit..

  10. Kathy (Kangaroo Mama)

    I haven’t been to a movie theater in probably 2+ years! We’ve been afraid to take my daughter to one for fear she may go into super hyper mode and start wanting to run around! That is so funny she just fell right asleep!
    Kathy (Kangaroo Mama) recently posted..Seasnax Review & GiveawayMy Profile

    1. Icar Maghirang

      me too!since I got pregnant I was not able to see a movie in a theater. She had her first time last year when Mark went home but she just slept through the whole movie since she was just 3months then…this time it was different she watched some and then slept! lol

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